The Holland America Friendship Foundation has been recognised as an Institution For General Benefit (ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the Dutch Tax Administration.

The ANBI status grants donors access to a great number of tax facilities.

Income: An ANBI does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances or gifts it receives for purposes of general benefit. Tax facilities for ANBIs include corporation tax, gift and inheritance tax, and income tax.

Expenses: Payments made by an ANBI for the purpose of general benefit are exempt from gift tax. Payments made in accordance with the goals of the ANBI are exempt from tax in the Netherlands.

Donors/testators: A donor may, depending on the kind of donation that is made to the ANBI, deduct the donation from income or corporation tax (within the applicable rules, of course). depending on. Inheritance received by an ANBI is exempt form inheritance tax. Deductible donations include periodical donations. According to Dutch law these are fixed periodical payments made to an ANBI that cease at the latest upon the death of the donor.
Periodic donations are deductible from income tax if they based on an obligation laid down in a notarial “deed of donation” to make payments for a period of five years or longer at least once a year.
The conditions for successful income tax deduction (source: are as follows:

  • The donation has to be made to an ANBI;
  • The donation has to be laid down in a notarial deed;
  • The donation has to made as fixed periodic payments ceasing at the latest upon the donor’s death
  • Donations have to be made at least for five consecutive years;
  • The donor receives nothing in exchange for the donation;
  • The donation has to be declared as personal allowance item in the income tax declaration