Over the last decade amongst others the following benificiaries received grants form the Holland America Friendship Foundation.

The Fulbright Program

The mission of the Fulbright Center is to promote mutual understanding between Dutch and American citizens. The Fulbright Program enables Dutch and American graduate students to study in each other's country and offers Dutch and American scholars the opportunity to teach or do research in the other country. Fulbright grants are awarded based on merit and promote excellence and leadership.  The Night of the Stars has raised considerable funds for young Dutch students to study for one year at a university in the U.S.

The John Adams Institute

The John Adams Institute is an independent, non profit organization dedicated to bringing the best American writers, thinkers and public figures to audiences in the Netherlands. The institute’s Quincy Club is a unique interactive program for high-school age students. Award winning writers like Saul Bellow, Joseph Brodsky and Derek Wallcot have attracted enthusiastic audiences over these years, just as well known speakers L. Paul Bremer III, Francis Fukuyama and Paul Volcker.

Humanity in Action Netherlands’s Program

Humanity in Action sponsors an integrated set of educational programs for university students in America and the Netherlands. Through these programs, it seeks to strengthen the commitment of American and Dutch university students to democratic values and foster their resistance to intolerance – past and present.

The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI)

The Roosevelt Institute’s mission is to inform new generations of the ideals and achievements of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. In cooperation with others, the Roosevelt Institute encourages the study of American history abroad through its support of the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg. The Roosevelt Foundation whose Four Freedoms’ Awards initiatives has previously awarded such eminemt individuals as Nelson Mandela, Reverend Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson and Médecins Sans Frontières’.

The International Holland Music Session

The International Holland Music Sessions was founded in 1988 in the Dutch villages of Bergen, North Holland. As an international Summer Academy TIHMS has developed into one of the leading institutes offering career opportunities for students from the leading American music institutes. The goal of the program is to attract musicians through the inspiring combination of master classes and concert experience.


The Holland America Friendship Foundation has been recognised as an Institution For General Benefit (ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) by the Dutch Tax Administration.

The ANBI status grants donors access to a great number of tax facilities.

Night of the stars

The Night of the Stars was founded by the former ambassador of the United States in the Netherlands, Clifford M. Sobel and his wife Barbara Sobel in 2003 to support educational and cultural exchange programs between the United States and the Netherlands.

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