Privacy statement

This section deals with how the information obtained through this Internet site is gathered and used.

Web server log data

When our Internet site is visited, a log is registered on our web server. This log provides us with non-personal data about the date and time of logging in, as well as the IP address and the browser type from which our Internet site is visited. The information from these server logs is used by our development team for Internet optimalisation of our own site and those of our present and future clients.

Approval of privacy statement

The use of our Internet site automatically means the approval of our privacy statement. If you do not agree with our privacy statement, we kindly request you to leave our site. The Holland America Friendship Foundation reserves the right to change this statement without prior announcement.

Night of the stars

The Night of the Stars was founded by the former ambassador of the United States in the Netherlands, Clifford M. Sobel and his wife Barbara Sobel in 2003 to support educational and cultural exchange programs between the United States and the Netherlands.

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